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Chelsey is a Physiotherapist with a special interest in Continence and pelvic Health. She completed her undergraduate studies in 2015 and has spent 5 years working in the private practice sector and 2 years in the UK working in various physiotherapy settings.

Chelsey is working closely with mentor and Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Naomi Gill, to expand the Continence and Pelvic Health service at GCP.

Chelsey has a soft spot for pregnant and post partum women, and loves helping them find confidence and comfort in moving.  She has an interest working with women with pelvic pain and works with men, women and children with bladder incontinence. 

In 2020 she completed her PINC Cancer Rehabilitation training for women with cancer, and in 2021 completed the STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation training for men with cancer.

Chelsey consults in Kingston SE, Naracoorte and Millicent.

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